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Do you wait patiently every week for Netflix to drop its latest true crime offering? Do your suggested videos on YouTube look like a who’s who of serial killers? Are your most recently watched series on Hayu all unsolved crimes and murder mysteries? You’re not alone introducing Whats Up Doc Podcast

What’s Up Doc: The True Crime Documentary Podcast takes a look at the latest true crime documentaries trending online, the new Netflix sensations and talks you through exactly why you should rush to watch it, or give it a miss. In each episode your host, Gemma Delaney, joined by guests, condenses the most outrageous and must watch true crime documentaries into one episode with her unique Irish humor and straight talking delivery style.

The true crime genre is having its renaissance. Once dismissed and wildly shunned, mostly thanks to a host of poorly produced shows in the eighties and nineties, it was thought lowbrow and exploitative. Changes in how the media reports these cases and with a new host of victim and survivor led podcasts, it has cast its once seedy persona and is now at the forefront of helping to solve these crimes. In the last two years alone, the infamous “Golden State Killer” and the murder of Susan Berman have been solved thanks to amateur dectives. True Crime podcasters see their help being sought more and more by families desperately seeking justice when it comes to these unsolved crimes.

What’s Up Doc: The True Crime Documentary Podcast covers all of the latest releases across all platforms. You’ve heard people talking about a new true crime documentary but you want to know more. What’s it about? Does it pose more questions than it answers? And through the course of our host’s research, what bombshells have we learned about the case? What’s Up Doc: The True Crime Documentary Podcast. Let us tell you what’s up.

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